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PC health tips

Learn Windows Shortcuts


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Outlook Training Videos

Intro to Outlook 2007
Email Signature
Turn OnOff Out of Office
BCC in an e-mail
Add Contacts
Archiving Emails
Setting up Email Rules
Was my e-mail received?
Spam & Junkmail Control
Appointments in Outlook
Delay Email Delivery

Other Training Videos

Getting the £ back on my PC
What is my IP Address?
How to do a Ping Test
Remote Desktop Connection
Attach a File Restart Print Spooler
Uploading Videos to YouTube

PC Maintenance Training Video

Maintenance: Part 1
Maintenance: Part 2
Maintenance: Part 3
Maintenance: Part 4

Windows and Office Training Videos

Windows Training for XP (3 hours)
Excel Training for XP (6 hours)
Word Training for XP (4 hours)
Access Training for XP (6 hours)
Power Point for XP (4 hours)


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