New Blackberry Feature Powerpoint Presentations

   New Blackberry Feature Powerpoint Presentations

If you’re a mobile professional, who gives frequent presentations, you’ll probably be interested in a new Blackberry feature from RIM.

BlackBerry Presenter, available later this month, is a small device that plugs into a projector or monitor and links to a BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth. An application allows Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to be beamed wirelessly using this connection. 

“BlackBerry Presenter equips mobile professionals with a simple, secure and convenient way to deliver presentations directly from their BlackBerry smartphone, giving them the freedom to leave their laptops behind,” said RIM vice president of product management Glenn Laxdal.

To use the BlackBerry Presenter, users will need to download a BlackBerry Presenter desktop manager tool for their PC and a BlackBerry Presenter application for the handset itself.

The BlackBerry Presenter application allows users to control their presentation, setting a time between slides, or freezing a slide on screen, while browsing through the rest of the presentation on their BlackBerry. It supports most of the slide animations and transitions from Microsoft PowerPoint versions 2003 and 2007, according to RIM.

However the BlackBerry Presenter will not be available to all users as it requires BlackBerry Device Software v4.6 or later, and is not supported on the BlackBerry Curve 8300 or BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200 smartphones.


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