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   How UK School’s can increase technology usage and

   decrease energy costs. Will your IT Support Company help?

Two trends which have helped to define the 21st century must be the fast paced development in technology and widespread concerns over sustainability.

From industrial to technological revolution, our society is a complex world where technology has reshaped how we live and work. Preparation for this reality is an absolute and the way in which schools function and teach must keep up in both delivering a technology based curriculum and ensuring students achieve the skills and knowledge they need to function and compete when they leave. That involves constant access to evolving technology and information and a wider view of connectivity, which may be more consistent with business strategy than a seat of learning. Your IT Support company can be of great value.

This need is set against the desire of schools to reduce their carbon footprint.   With the exponential increase in the speed and capabilities of advances in technology and the need to run multiple software packages together, power consumption can go literally through the roof along with electricity costs. Technological advances and the drive to sustainability may be profoundly at odds. 

The answer is to adopt some of the practices of the private sector.  Remote IT support can help increase the technical support available to IT teams without the cost burden of a vast department, provide full access to technology when needed whilst helping to save energy when not and plan and prepare against disaster. The best of two worlds, the IT knowledge and support required coupled with a focuses on energy reduction: Remote support can offer all the control needed.

At IFFW we offer the services schools want: from content filtering to security and monitoring to backup as well as general support.

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