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Dear Frank.

Firstly, thank you for giving up your time to speak to Linda earlier this afternoon. Linda mentioned that she had a lovely conversation with you and that you would like some more information about what IFFW does so we might be able to hopefully help the schools in your database save money on their IT Spend per annum.

Thank you also for answering my call and allowing me to email you this information.

IFFW provide UK businesses and schools with pro active IT support Services. Our main aim, especially in today’s climate is to save companies and schools money on their annual IT Spend.

The best way to describe our services are as follows:


Consultancy – We will consult with perspective clients to understand their IT wants/needs and to appreciate what there “I.T pains” are in order for us to propose the correct, and most cost effective solution.

Computer Supply – We can supply hardware and software, including connectivity solutions to meet our customers and perspective customers needs

Computer Installation – We can install networks and solutions

IT Support – We are I.T Support specialists focusing mainly on being able to support our customers remotely.

Our contracts are annual contracts and encompass remote support, telephone support and on-site support. We have in house technicians that remotely dial in to our clients servers on a daily basis to check that:

* Backups are completed properly

* There is sufficient disk space

* Virus checks are complete and up to date

* Microsoft update are completed and up to date

And generally that everything is running smoothly. Our monitoring software allows us to monitor 24/7/365 all applications on our client’s servers to ensure 100% uptime. i.e. – If your email goes down, chances are we will know about it before our client’s do which will enable us to get on the phone to the ISP to start resolving it.

A lot of private schools have in house technicians, or teams, some of them outsource to IT support companies. I would like to offer private schools a cost saving outsourcing service to drastically reduce their IT Expenses i.e. – Why employ one person at circa £30k per annum when you can employ a whole team for half the cost !

Please contact me to discuss this further as I strongly believe we can help schools save money on their IT support. The tricky part for us is getting to speak to them, and educating them. For example. Did you know that by turning off a PC at night is saves £100 per annum? If a school has 100 PC’s +, that is a major saving.

I won’t bombard you with any more information. Please click on this link to see our “IT Support for schools” leaflet http://www./IFFWnewsletter/index

I look forward to hopefully hearing from you soon.

Kindest Regards,


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