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Nanotechnology in Business. What can it do for you?

Nanotechnology, like any other branch of science, is primarily concerned with understanding how nature works.

It is the combination of existing technologies with our new found ability to observe and manipulate at the atomic scale that makes nanotechnology so compelling from scientific, business and political viewpoints.

For business, nanotechnology is no different from any other technology: it will be judged on its ability to make money. This may be in the lowering of production costs or by the development of new products.

An interesting research project into print nanotechnologies is currently underway at Trinity College Dublin’s Crann (Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices). In conjunction with HP they have been exploring materials for flexible electronics – electronic paper, bendable screens, ultra-thin materials that could be used in packaging, and other products.

Crann director Dr John Boland thinks “the marketing opportunities are enormous. The materials could be used for, say, branding a can of Coke: the material could download new information directly to the can itself.

“Or you might have electronic wallpaper – you might decide to alter a wall to give you an ocean scene and could just download the new image to be displayed on your wall.” Utilising such materials for individual products implies a low cost and Boland confirms this: “The goal is that this should be really cheap.”

From our business perspective, nanotechnology can be utilized to improve communication and information systems, networking, security and data storage. All services that your IT Support London partner, IFFW, is proud to offer