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Users should be on guard when using for help and tips on MS Office products. Security firm Websense has discovered that search results on Microsoft’s Office homepage can lead users to a page hosting rogue AntiVirus technology. In addition to searching its own database for results the page also pulls together information from around the web.

Websense claims that it is these pages that are hosting the rogue antivirus technology and as the addresses begin with, users may be more willing to trust the site.

However, the user is redirected to a fake virus scan page which warns the user that their PC is infected. Clicking on the warning message will begin the download of an .exe file, which then infects the user’s PC.

Don’t let yourself get caught out by these Malware sites. If you have any doubts, or think that your system may have been attacked, contact the Computer Support London experts, IFFW, who will be glad to assist you.


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