Looking for quality IT support in the London area?

   Looking for quality IT support in the London area?

You’ve found it!  IFFW provides a wide range of IT support services to firms in London and Greater London. These include:

  1. Managed IT support services – allow you to focus on running your business, not your IT systems
  2. Security – affordable protection for your systems and confidential data
  3. Backup and disaster recovery – ensure it will be business as usual if disaster strikes
  4. Consultancy advice – from IT procurement and third party liaison to project management of office moves, equipment upgrades and rollouts
  5. IT support and maintenance – expert help is just a phone call away!

Computer support has come a long way since the time businesses would phone or fax their IT support firm and wait, often for several days, for a visit by an engineer. In an age where we become impatient waiting for a kettle to boil we expect instant computer support when things go wrong. Our reliance on technology today means firms simply cannot tolerate downtime of more than a few hours. 

At IFFW we understand this and our IT support specialists pride themselves on their responsive and professional service. We are able to fix 98% of problems remotely. As highly skilled technicians rather than a receptionist answer our computer support helpline, problems can often be resolved within minutes of the first call!

On the rare occasions when a site visit is needed our IT support professionals work swiftly and efficiently to get our customers up and running again.

IFFW is the trusted IT partner for companies of all sizes in the London area. These range from SMEs who rely on our expertise to fix computer problems to large organisations needing to ensure mission-critical systems are always available.