Green computing, Energy saving IT, Reduce Carbon Footprint on IT

Green computing, Energy saving IT, Reduce Carbon Footprint on IT


Green Computing – A real competitive advantage


The environment is a critical consideration to today’s business. Customers are often looking for solutions which not only meet their requirements but enable them to demonstrate that they are working with organisations which take environmental responsibility seriously.


IFFW offers clients the opportunity to use a range of IT systems specially designed to lower the carbon footprint of their operations. This enables clients the ability to demonstrate environmental awareness to their own clients and other key stakeholders in a very real and tangible way. The green computing technologies we select and deploy have been carefully chosen to ensure that system performance excellence is maintained at very stage.


IFFW will enable you to demonstrate in very real terms the directions your organization is taking to reduce your carbon footprint, we offer a range of solutions designed around cutting edge technologies from the world’s leading IT vendors.


We can help you demonstrate, implement and build upon:


–           Power optimization, dormancy and power saving

–           Energy efficiency and lower consumption

–           Advanced cooling technologies

–           Technology manufacturing efficiency

–           Server rationalisation

–           Thin client environments

–           Cloud computing

–           Virtualization techniques and technologies

–           Renewal and recycling policy



Call IFFW today to discover the advantage green computing can bring to your organisation.

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