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Enterprise Data Backup Solution, covers servers, networks and PC`s

Your knowledge base is an invaluable asset that needs to be backed-up constantly and stored safely. You can’t afford to take a chance you might lose the information your business needs to function properly.

Our Enterprise Data Backup service is a secure, automated data backup and retrieval solution that intelligently and securely backups and stores critical data. It is easy to use and no expensive training is required.

It works by sending data securely, via the Internet, from a user’s computer (whether it is a server, desktop or laptop) to fully mirrored, offsite data storage platforms in separate locations, ensuring that your valuable data is safe, secure and is available anytime, anywhere via the WebAccess interface.

With banking level security and a WebAccess facility that affords you extraordinary flexibility, the appeal of Techgate Online Backup is unusually wide ranging. Whether you are in IT, Finance, Administration, Sales or even if you are the Managing Director, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe.

Disaster Recovery Solutions and Disaster Recovery Planning

The golden rule of disaster management planning is always expect the unexpected. Suppose your offices caught fire or were flooded? What if a plane crashed on your manufacturing plant or lightning blew out your head office computer network? What if thieves stole your IT servers?

Could your business be up and running again in a matter of hours? Could you survive? Or would you go under?

IFFW can provide the IT solutions which will guarantee your company’s security. By using our Enterprise Data Backup service, you and your staff can access all your computer files via the web from home or from your emergency office facility.

The backup system will have automatically kept all your computer files up to date, so everything you need to have at your fingertips will be there. At IFFW, we’re here to make sure nothing stops – ever. Detailed disaster recovery plans, comprehensive backups and remote-working capability means it’s always business as usual.

Maybe it won’t happen. Most businesses are fortunate and never have to put their disaster plans into operation. But no business can afford to take that gamble.